1. If we build it they will come isn’t a strategy that works well for most events. Successful events need a thoughtful strategy that is targeted, personal and documented. Apply the same methods and segmentation that you use to market your products to your events. One size does not fit all. Break your audience and your program down to the most relevant level and speak to potential attendees about the aspects of your event that are relevant and interesting to them. One size does not fit all when it comes to event marketing.

2. Time is not your friend. Timing is everything in event marketing. Event marketing is extremely time sensitive. From the timing of your campaign to the #1 reason why people say they can’t come to an event. Once the strategy is together, you need someone tightly focused on execution so that it doesn’t slide b/c the event dates aren’t moving

3. Execution is everything: Audience acquisition is a fancy term for marketing and to be successful you need a team overseeing it who can – and will – break it down and execute the campaign, adapt the many moving parts and assess how the campaign can be refined – on the fly.



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