Marketers: You should be scared of the dark if you’re not using metrics to identify opportunities and eliminate risk.

Even when we work with large corporations, it sometimes seems that marketers are intimidated by meaningful event metrics. Here are 5 reasons we strongly believe that there is more upside than down to implementing a measurement program for your events:

  1. Measurement is objective. Done properly, it can eliminate guesswork and internal biases while helping you to understand what’s working and what’s not.
  2. That objectivity helps you pinpoint where to best allocate resources and budget, allowing you to compare shows, years and other marketing tactics/marketing channels.
  3. The data you capture provide valuable facts you can use to grow or defend your event program, which is especially important when you consider that most other non-event marketing tactics (esp digital marketing tools) are extremely measurable.
  4. Measurement positions you as a strategic thinker and gives you powerful insights you can use to refine your program.
  5. It’s far too important to leave important decisions to your gut or someone else’s subjective opinions.

Creating meaningful metrics can range from a sophisticated measurement program to simple DIY – what’s important is that you are looking for data and insights that can give you a competitive advantage. So be very scared of the dark.


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