We came from the client side and understand the challenges of working with even the most talented agency.

When we opened Momentum Communications in 1991, we wanted to be much more for our clients. Clients value what we add to their team and we become a  natural extension to their internal team.  In fact, at many of the companies we work with we’re often thought of as internal staff. Our goal is to fit into your team, filling holes and gaps with the resources you need to conceive and execute effective campaigns.

Momentum Communications will do more than help you create a strategy and powerful creative.

We will be standing by your side watching what’s working and what needs tweaking or to be eliminated. Budgets are too tight to wait until next time and successful marketing means having a strategy but being constantly on the lookout for new opportunities. What you did last year may not work this year. In today’s world, what you did last quarter may not work this quarter. That’s the world we operate in.

Momentum Communications is certified as a WBE/SBE by the state of Illinois.

Angela Krzysko

Michelle Benson